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The COLOMAR Group Inc. provides professional web sites for many types of companies, offices and industries.

Your web presentation represents your company in the virtual world of the Internet. It literally IS your company to the visitors to your site. You will want a professional, impressive site to bring believability and stature to your company. A great site presentation, with useful and timely content can make your company seem like it is driven with the high level of energy and compassion that you put into it. Your site is one place you should put your best foot forward.

The web is a great equalizer. A small office can look like (and be) an international player. This places small companies on a more level playing field with the big guys.

Color Schemes and Graphics

The COLOMAR Group can work with you to find the appropriate colors and presentation theme for your web site. We can also utilize your current company logos, or create them to your specifications. Additional custom graphics can be created as needed.

A 'Typical' Web Site

While there really is no such thing as a typical site, we usually start web site design and layout discussions with the following set of pages. Some of these may not apply and other pages may be needed for a given web site objective. It is not necessary to define all of the pages up-front, because it is fairly easy to add additional pages at a later date.

  • Home Page

    While search engine links can drop a visitor in any page on your site, the first thing most people see when visiting your web site is your Home Page. We feel this portal to your site deserves special attention in its design and content. It will provide the first impression, and reiterative reinforcement, it should reflect the purpose of your entire site. It should be limited in size with clean lines and present only a preview of the site. Much like the style of an automobile, urging you to look further in to the site. Site navigation is established on the home page and must be clear and easy to use. Also a simple method of returning here from all of the other web pages must be employed.

  • Mission Statement Page

    The information provided in a Mission Statement really defines the purpose and goals of the company. This information is sometimes included on the Home Page, but if it is more than a few paragraphs in length or covers more than one or two areas, it should be placed on its own 'Mission Statement' page.

  • Available Services or Products

    What services or products does the company provide? What does the company do? This section can cover many pages and becomes the heart of shopping web sites.

  • Management or Professionals' Biographies

    In the case of professional services people want to know who they are dealing with. We use these pages to provide the backgrounds of their company officers or other professionals. This can aid the site visitor in their decision on the appropriateness of further contact, either 'selling' the company or possibly saving further unnecessary contact.

  • Professional Information & Case Studies

    Some companies use their sites to provide professional information to the general public or other professionals. An example of a popular public medical information site is Sites sometimes require membership prior to providing access to the contents they publish.

  • Staff Information

    Employees of some companies that interface directly with customers may want to use the web as a method of introduction to their potential or current clients. This can be a powerful way to add some personal touch in the virtual world of the web. It is, however, important to remember that the information on the web is publicly available and information presented here should be carefully considered prior to presentation.

  • Links to Other Sites

    Some companies share web site links with other companies providing complementary products or services. This can be useful for both companies in cross-generating business. An example might be a plumbing contractor swapping site links with an electrical contractor. Neither company can satisfy the needs of the other, so the reference doesn't cost any loss of business for either company, but may help one of them.

    Another link page use is to provide access to reference sites.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Another method for providing information sometimes used is in the form of a 'FAQs' (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Common questions can be presented with their resolution. This can save both the visitor and the company time in exchanging this information.

  • Web Forms

    Web site forms provide a very powerful method for gathering information about visitors. Forms are used in subscribing to company newsletters, providing customer information when ordering products or for other places where the user is asked for information, and has a reason to provide it.

  • Download Pages

    Documents, photos and other information can be placed on the web site for download by site visitors. Some sites require user registration for access to these resources.

  • Contact Information

    Names, phone numbers, street addresses, maps, and email addresses can all be included on a 'contact page'. Customers and clients can print this page and have a complete page of contact information on a single sheet.

  • Privacy Page

    This page is often forgotten, however it is becoming more important to web savvy visitors. This page defines what site access information is captured either through web site access logs or requested through forms. The more important question this answers for the user, is how the web site owner plans to use this information. It is strongly suggested that all sites include a page of this type.

    We have put together a Privacy Policy Primer for your reference. We hope you find it useful in defining the purpose and goals for this page.

A Thought on Web Site Navigation.

Good web site navigation provides the visitor with a method for finding relevant site information quickly. We recommend, and design our client sites with obvious, standard or common navigation available on each web page.

Web Sites Are More Than Just The Presentation!

Other services and features available with web sites provided by The COLOMAR Group.

  • The COLOMAR Group's Proprietary Web Content Management Tools.

    You can control your own web page content by using our web page editing tools. They provide site content update and management control by our client (you) anytime. The license to use these tools is provided at no additional charge as part of the web site hosting and maintenance fee. We feel there is nothing worse for your site than old and outdated web content. Web sites require frequent updating to maintain their usefulness, and to stay active in a lot of the search engines. Our Web Content Management Tool puts you in control. It keeps down the cost of someone charging you to work on your system and makes your changes available immediately instead of waiting for someone else to fix it.

  • Domain Name Management Available

    The domain name for your site is an important identification tool. We will assist you in finding a domain name if you haven't already acquired one. We can provide helpful advice on choosing an appropriate name.

  • Email Accounts

    Our web site hosting service provides email boxes. One email address, or boxes for your entire staff are included as part of our web site offering. Email addresses have the same domain name as your web site which helps brand your email communications with your web site. Email names can be created as YOU choose, no more hard to remember 'AOL' or 'HotMail' accounts used to represent your company.

  • Web Mail

    Nothing but a browser is needed to read, send and manage your email.

  • Search Engine Submission

    We provide periodic submission to the appropriate search engines for your type of business. We also provide expert assistance and suggestions with the selection of the words used by the search engines for your site.

  • Web Site Statistics Showing Visitor Access

    Extensive visitor access information is collected by the web site servers. This information is presented in table and graphical reports and made available for review. This is useful in determining the number of visitors, which pages are most popular, and other access related information.

  • Physical Hosting in Major Data Centers

    Once the site is created and online, it is important that it be available when your clients come looking.

    Our clients' web sites are all hosted in professionally run web site server farms designed to keep the content online. Multiple very high-speed Internet connections, back-up power generators and continuous monitoring of system performance ensure your content is available on demand.

Our Experience

We have a great deal of experience in the creation of many types of web sites. Many employ web server programs and application tools to provide dynamic pages, customized for the visitor. Some take advantage of advance web programming techniques, all to make the visit experience the best possible.

The COLOMAR Group also has a very strong background in Internet security issues. The founders of the company hold three U.S. patents in the area of data communications software and can apply this experience to keeping any secure data safe when that need arises.

If you are ready to answer some specific questions regarding your web site needs, please review our Getting Started page.

We welcome your comments. Please feel free to ask us any questions related to your web site needs!