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Recording Session With: Arnold Shulman

April 1998

If you'd like more information about this effort, or want to buy a copy of this tape, please contact Arnold Shulman directly.

After writing seven compositions musically describing facets of Hawaii, I sent a demo tape to the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra asking them if they would be interested in play any of them. The Mistero indicated he was interested. Almost immediately thereafter the symphony went on strike, and eventually went out of business. I decided if the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra was interested in performing any of the music then producing a tape of the music was a good idea.

I used a Yamaha SY-77 to write the music. The music is not "Hawaiian guitar" music but more like classical tone poems. I then used Cakewalk to edit it, and Finale to print the final orchestral score. After the music was done I made a DAT master using a Tascam DA-30. The front cover of the tape is a picture my wife took of Black Sands Beach. This beach is no longer there, having been covered completely with lava. My wife wrote the tape insert (7 panels printed front and back). This tape insert is similar to program notes in that each of the seven locations (musical compositions) are described in detail.

The compositions on the tape are:

Diamond Head Vistas: Musically describes the views from Diamond Head
A Day at Haleakala: A full day from a starry sky, sunrise, sunset, green flash and night.
Flowers from Another Time: Walking to and through an island of green surrounded by lava.
Aquamarine: Scuba diving in Hawaiian waters.
The Sea Cliffs of Kalalau: Viewing the 3000' cliffs from bottom, top, and soaring around them.
Visions of Pele: Describes various facets of the Volcano Goddess.
Pearl: Musically describes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

We sent the DAT master, the photo, and the write-up to a manufacturer who manufactured the tapes and packaged them. The 45 minute instrumental tape is for sale at $6 plus shipping ($1 in USA). It can be purchased by sending $7 to:

Planetary Reflections
P. O. Box 2636
Sedona, AZ 86339-2636

Arnold Shulman
Sedona, AZ 86336-4362
Tele: 520/282-9557 (USA)