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Welcome to the online Musicians magazine focusing on working Artist and Band information.

This site is operated as an online interactive magazine. It contains articles, sections and links that should assist in many musicians success out in the world of parties, clubs, lounges, concerts and other places to play. The goal is to share information to help you be more successful as a musician. Musicians often get some pretty raw deals - We hope to help out by giving you some ideas and possible solutions to some of your more common problems. Your privacy is important to us; See our privacy policy.

Many of the pages are indented so that you can print these pages off and punch holes on the left side of them, making it easier to place them in a notebook for further reference. Thanks for making this request!!

Artist Exchange

We offer a service to help singers/musicians/artists find other singers/musicians/artists out on the Internet. If you are looking for someone, you can place an online ad or list yourself and give the world a chance to find you. You can be listed for free for a 90 day period (you can re-submit as often as you want, still free). If you want to include a sound clip and photo, it costs $10.00 per 90 days. The photo can be up to 30,000 bytes in size and soundclip (in WAV or MP3 format) up to 500K bytes. If you would like to look up musicians, or place an ad, please head over to The Artist Exchange.

Have a Music related book to sell?

If you have authored a book about music, singing, playing out, mastering a demo/CD/other or the music industry and would like to advertise it here, please contact the webmaster for information on what we require from you before we advertise it on this web site. We don't want to advertise musical equipment for sale, but we are very willing to help authors in the music industry get some exposure. Help us help you.

I hate Adobe PDF files - they are painful to read on smaller monitors and you can't cut and paste anything from them. Lately, a new version hit the streets and I can't read them on my older PDF reader program (even under Unix). So - This site will not house any PDF files. I don't want to restrict anyones access.

I've tried to restrict the download size of the graphics and quantity per page. This is why you see many simple line drawings in only a few colors. Based on the Email I get, this site is heavily visited by people outside the United States (I think thats great!). Because of that, I've been providing metric sizes along inches/feet where it makes sense. The goal is to allow for quicker downloads of usable information with minimal fluff. I'm rarely selling anything, so there is little marketing motive to dazzle you with graphics.

Why is this site up? I've been playing guitar since 1964 and have been involved with some great bands, as well as had some awful experiences.

I've often asked myself 'Why didn't anyone tell me that?'. Why are so many things secrets? They shouldn't be.

I've learned a lot of things, and solved a number of problems. I hope to share these things with other people (and there are a lot of us who are headed down the same path). I've had to be careful at controlling my costs, but I still needed pro gear. I have some answers and I hope that others can benefit from what I've learned. I'm always accepting suggestions, so please let me know if you have any insights to add. I don't pay for suggestions - but I'll gladly acknowledge you for anything you contribute, or provide a link to your Web page. We can all be at our best when we help each other.


  • We don't charge for much on this site, but when we do, all prices are in U.S. Dollars. We accept checks or money orders drawn on U.S. banks for U.S. Dollars.

  • If you don't have a scanner (for photos), I can scan your image for your ($5.00 U.S. per image). Its a service that I can provide, but if you have your own scanner, you are welcome to scan your own images. Here are some tips and suggestions.

  • If you don't have facilities to create WAV/MP3 files, we can do that as well, however, there are numerous PC and Mac packages out there that can 'digitize' an audio waveform using a 16 bit sound card on most home computer systems. If you can't do it, I can for $5.00 per sample (500K mono - 11khz or 22khz sample rate) - you send me a cassette tape pre-queued to where you want to start the sample. If you want to learn how to sample yourself, try any of these fine shareware applications: It is probably in your best interests to learn how this sort of software works in the first place - with the prices of writable CD-ROM systems dropping (along with the software needed to do this), you might be making your own CDs in the near future. has recently become a major Website for people looking to market thier CDs using the Internet - Visit them and learn more about this method of promotion.

  • The articles on this site are the property of Shavano Music (unless otherwise noted), and may be used freely and distributed widely as long as the original author information remains intact.

  • This site is specifically not frame enabled and it uses no special features of either Netscape or Internet Explorer. The goal is to share information, and not to make life difficult for someone who wants to read an article. We do use 256 color graphics, forms and some JavaScripting, but only as it is necessary for the site. Please use which ever Web browser that suits you the best.

    An attempt has been made to keep the graphic content to a minimum. Many of the site users are located outside the United States and don't always have fast connections to our server. Images will be kept as small as possible. We use a Kodak DC25 Digital Camera with an assortment of clip on lenses to take many of the pictures used on this site.

  • All opinions expressed on this site are mine or have a credit given to the author. I am not associated with any producer of musical equipment, nor do I accept advertisements from them. I'm NOT a lawyer. I am registered with BMI under the name 'Shavano Music' as a music publisher. I have no other industry affiliations.

  • If you disagree with me, please let me know - I am open to constructive criticism - All Singers, Musicians and Artists have opinions (I can talk for hours on guitar string gauges and fret sizes), and all are valid if it affects the way you interact with an instrument, microphone or sound system. If you want to know a bit more about me, click here!

    Materials from this Website may be freely copied and distributed subject to the inclusion of the copyright notice and our Shavano Music Online Web site address (which appears on most of our Web Pages) as long as you do not charge for the service.

  • If you have any problems using this site, or feedback, please contact the webmaster and let us know what's happening. If you don't hear back from us, it may be possible that we are unable to contact you via Email (bad address in your Email header, or server problems) - it sometimes happens. we normally answer everyones Email within a few days, if not sooner. If you are using an AOL account, please enable your system to allow us to respond - this may be from either an '', '' or '' Email account - If you don't get a response, it will likely be because your server refused delivery.

    This site contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by this site.

    NOTE: Any suggestions made becomes the property of Shavano Music Online to be used in future articles. These are not being sold for profit, so there is no money to be earned by making a suggestion, however if you help other musicians become more successful, everyone involved benefits.

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