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The COLOMAR Group specializes in Innovative Internet Information Design for businesses that desire an internet presence. Whether you have a single page brochure, or need a complete commercial grade site, the COLOMAR Group can help, and would be happy to discuss this with you. We have expertise in server side and CGI applications under Unix Based Servers - Linux and Solaris. We also develop for Windows Platforms that allow highly secure utilization of the Internet - many of which do not require users to utilize a Web Browser or have to deal with Email services that are prone to virus infestations.

We are heavily involved with Network Security issues as they relate to Internet based applications. We have created HIPAA compliant applications that can be used in medical offices to share data appropriately. Standards such as SSL/TLS, RC4, MD5 and other encryption facilities are used to develop and implement secure network application services. We can build/manage/maintain these applications for your operation, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The COLOMAR principals hold 3 US software patents relating to security and networks.

COLOMAR is a heavy user of LDAP and a builder of Directory Enabled applications. We work with most LDAP and X.500 servers, including Netscape/iPlanet/Sun One, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP and others. Most work in this area utilizes Java and JNDI and often create interfaces with corporate HR systems to better manage people data, assets and configuration management. We also support X.509 Digital Certificate application design and execution. Learn more about Directory Services and Policy Based computing.

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